Meet Dolly

Meet Dolly:

Dolly came to ARF with her five kittens (Kiki, Blu, and Callie are still at ARF with us).  Dolly is a very special young mama who not only mothered her own kittens but accepted and mothered an orphaned kitten called Casper. With a smooth, soft tortie coat and bright golden eyes Dolly is truly a center favorite. When I come in on Friday mornings, Dolly will come to greet me with her silent meow.  I would pick her up to say hello, and she instantly begins to purr.  She has a gentle, calm personality and does quite well interacting with other cats/kittens and dogs/puppies. Her needs are few: a warm, safe and affectionate home.

If you would like to meet lovely Dolly, please call the ARF center at 410-643-8700 or drop by the center, now open 7 days per week.

Dolly is spayed, up-to-date on shots, micro-chipped and FeLV/FIV (-)


One Response to Dolly

  1. Jen says:

    Dolly is an amazing cat. She is so full of love and warmth! Everytime I go up to her she purrs immediately. She loves attention. I know she would be a great lap cat.

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